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Page One of RHS201.
Page One of RHS201.

Two types of Activities have been developed for use in the class room. They cover both internally assessed Achievement Standards as well as providing source material and questions to prepare students for AS 90656: Analyse and Evaluate Evidence in Historical Sources.

Using a template designed by the Canterbury History Teachers' Association, we have created a series of Special Study activities for Achievement Standard 90654: Plan and Carry Out Independent Historical Research and Achievement Standard 90655: Communicate Historical Ideas and Understanding. We hope in the future to develop studies for Levels 1 and 2. Each Special Study includes a series of tasks covering both Achievement Standards, as well as forms to be completed by students as they progress through the exercise; assessment information outlining the requirements for Achievement, Merit and Excellence; assessment schedules for the achievement standards.

Although they have been built to be to used in conjunction with the Resource Packs, each Special Study can be used independently. Our CD ROM packs, for instance, can also be used to provide students access to primary resource material required to complete the Special Studies.

For AS 90656, we have written a series of questions about the Primary Sources (provided separately), that can be used as practice for the exam.