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The Poor and Charitable Aid - Cover.
Immigration - Cover.

We have digitised a huge amount of material in order to ensure the long term preservation of fragile items while making this content readily available to researchers. The material that has been digitised was originally chosen as part of a 7th Form unit standard run by a number of local schools.

There are a variety of themes available, the items for which are all drawn predominantly from the Papers of the Canterbury Provincial Council (PPC):

Full Content List
  1. Immigrants
  2. Lawbreakers*
  3. Schoolchildren and Teachers
  4. The Ill in Hospital
  5. The Poor - Charitable Aid
  6. The Mentally Ill

* Due to current restrictions on access to Court criminal files, this theme is at present made up of gaol reports provided to the Provincial Council.

The content on each CD ROM has been formatted into an HTML viewer, and is easily navigable and readable on screen. Each image is presented as close to its original as possible; some have been improved slightly to make them more legible, but otherwise they faithfully represent the original's condition. Transcripts are not provided.

These themes can be used in work for a number of the History Level 3 Achievement Standards, including AS90654, AS90655 and AS90656.

Developing themes for future study has been greatly simplified by the availability of comprehensive indexes to early material, searchable on computer. To this end, it is intended that additional thematic material, including documents supporting common Year 12 local history studies on topics such as Akaroa, Lyttelton, Hagley Park and Victoria (Market) Square, will be developed in 2005.

Each theme can be purchased for $10.00 per CD ROM, or all six themes can be purchased for $45.00. Pricing for multiple sets should be discussed with the Regional Archivist. All prices include GST. Please fill in the Order Form available from this website, and send it to the Archives New Zealand Christchurch Regional Office to organise copies for your school.