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There are two types of resources available for download: At a granular level, we have provided a series of options that can be used in support of all Activities available from this site. These have also been collated into single, theme-based Packs.

The Primary Sources are documents related to specific themes. Documents were selected based on the issues they covered. We included evidence of decision making, controversy, debate or personal reflection. To assist with students' comprehension, where appropriate each document has also been transcribed. In addition to providing resources for the Special Studies, these digitised archives can be used to familiarise students with primary sources in preparation for Achievement Standard 90656: Analyse and Evaluate Evidence In Historical Sources.

The Introduction to Historical Sources provides a basic overview of sources available to historians, and covers the difference between primary and secondary sources, and then identifies and describes source material such as Publications, Manuscripts, Newspapers, Websites etc...

The Introduction to Archival Sources documents give some background information on 19th Century holdings at the Christchurch Regional Office of Archives New Zealand. Since the records we have come from the Provincial Government, they provide a very broad overview of the framework in which most documents were created, as well as describing specific series relevant to each theme.

The Resource Packs combine all these elements into a single package, and are designed to be used on conjunction with Special Studies on the same theme. For instance, the Immigration Resource Kit contains the basic material required for students to gain an Achievement for the Immigration Special Study.