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Archives New Zealand.
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Archives New Zealand

Archives New Zealand holds non-current records of central government in the Canterbury and West Coast regions - agriculture, conservation, defence, education, forestry, health, justice, land, mining, police, post office, public works, railways, scientific and industrial research, trade and industry, transport and valuation.

Of particular importance are the archives of the Canterbury Provincial Government (1853-77), and the Canterbury Association (1848-53). Additionally we hold records from the Secondary Schools Council, the Canterbury Education Board, the North Canterbury Hospital Board, and the Canterbury Area Health Board (and its successors) We also hold the archives of several local government agencies:

  • Christchurch City Council and its predecessor boroughs and counties in Greater Christchurch (c.1850-1993), including the archives of various municipal power boards;
  • Canterbury Regional Council (Environment Canterbury) archives, which include those of 13 local authorities including the Lyttelton Harbour Board and North Canterbury Catchment Board;
  • Banks Peninsula District Council and its predecessor boroughs and counties, such as Lyttelton Borough Council.

The following are only a few examples of the types of archives which might provide the basis for research.

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