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1953 file note about investigation into claims regarding Maori Reserve in Hagley Park. Department of Lands and Survey, Christchurch

Archives Reference

CH 134 file 8/3/35 - Reserves - Hagley Park 1944 - 1962

Provincial Secretary's Office to Reverend Stack, Kaiapoi asking Maori to tether horses in Hagley Park, 25 July 1862. Outwards letterbook of Provincial Secretary. Canterbury Provincial Government.

Archives Reference

CH 287 item CP 421, Outwards Correspondence (856/1862)

Maori Reserve

For many years local Maori believed that some form of legal reserve had been allocated to them in Hagley Park. The issue arose in the 1950s, following the publication W A Taylor's book 'Lore and History of the South Island Maoris' in which he described early efforts to have a Maori hostel and reserve established in the Park. This led to a Lands and Survey Department investigation which concluded that there was no record of any portion of the Park being legally reserved or gazetted for Maori. It transpired that the Provincial Government had set aside a portion of the Park for Maori to tether their horses, in the hope this would dissuade them from doing so in the Market Square. The matter was raised again in the 1970s, with the same conclusion: there was no Maori Reserve in Hagley Park.

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