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Early lease agreement for depasturing on Hagley Park and the Christchurch Domain, 20 April 1852. Canterbury Association archives.

Archives Reference

CH 290 item 16/1b

Jones, McGlashan and Coy to Secretary for Public Works, Application for lease to depasture animals and fence grazing area, 24 April 1867. Inwards Correspondence Secretary for Public Works, Canterbury Provincial Government

Archives Reference

CH 287 CP 209 item ICPW 477/1867

Petition to the Provincial Council, 17 March 1868, objecting to the construction of stockyards in Hagley Park. Papers of the Provincial Council.

Archives Reference

CH 287 item CP629e/7

Pastoral Land

It made sense in the early days when the Park was a wilderness to use the land for depasturing cattle and sheep and this use continued well into the 20th century, when Pyne Gould Guinness held the grazing rights. There seemed to be no objection to grazing animals, but when the Council suggested the construction of stockyards, however, there was an outcry and the proposal was rejected.

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