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Plan of proposed stained glass window at West end of Provincial Council library. 1867

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 209b, ICPW566(1)/1867

Section of Akaroa jetty platform. 1864

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 186, ICPW 446/1864

Tracing of Akaroa showing proposed site of Jetty. 1865

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 185, ICPW 158/1865

Plan of Lyttelton by Thomas Cass. 1857

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP12, ICPS 469/1857

Tracing of map of Pt Levy showing RS numbers. 1864

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP187, ICPW 666/1864

Tracing of port of Lyttelton, showing borings taken by W Blake in October 1864, also showing outlines of plans for Harbour development. 1864

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 190, ICPW 1268/1864

Large Plan of Port Wakefield [Sumner] by CE Fooks 1864

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 188, ICPW 868/1864

Large undated map of Timaru town sections, showing roads, creeks, reserves. Prior to 1864

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP 189, ICPW 1211/1864

Map of East Avon Road District showing streams, lakes, rural sections, rivers. 1872

Archives Reference

CH287, CP126, ICPS 370R(1)/1872

Tracing of Cathedral square. 1873

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP246, ICPW 1417/1873

Two plans showing sites of General Government and Provincial Government properties in Christchurch and another showing available sites. 1871

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP282, ICPW 2025/1876, No 761(1)

Large printed plan of above area entitled site for Newmarket, Christchurch and also some adjacent streets with names of some occupiers. 1874

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP282, ICPW 2025/1876, No 728

Tracing of plan for a bridges across the Waimakariri River. 1869

Archives Reference

CH287, CP19, ICPS 702(1)/1869

James Wylde - specifications for Heathcote bridge, including contract on printed form. 1862

Archives Reference

CH 287, CP29, ICPS 940/1862

Planning Canterbury

"Residents laughed ruefully over the visitor, pushing manfully through the flax and fern of Cathedral Square, who asked the way to Christchurch". (1) The Christchurch of early settlers' hopes and dreams contrasted strongly with the reality they faced upon arrival. However, the planning and organising of the Canterbury Provincial Government helped to establish in the region the infrastructure that is still clearly visible today. The images that follow come predominantly from the Office of Public Works of the Provincial Government and document the foresight and imagination of Canterbury's early planners. Not only are the documents impressive for their prescience, but they are in many cases works of art themselves. All items were hand drawn and coloured, and the attention to detail and artistry is clear.

This is only a fraction of the items held at the Christchurch Office of Archives New Zealand from the Office of Public Works from this time. Many thousands of plans and drawings were also transferred by its successor, the Public Works Department of the General Government.




1. A History of Canterbury, Gardner W.J (ed), Whitcombe and Tombs, Christchurch, 1971, p6