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Digitisation is a key part of our mahi at Archives New Zealand – it protects our archives from wear and tear, and allows researchers all over the world to access them online.

Our digitisation team, Te Maeatanga, is working to make our holdings available online. If you want us to digitise an item we haven’t reached yet, you can pay to bump it to the top of our queue.

How to order digitised items

You can order digitised items:

  • online

  • in person in a reading room.

Online ordering

  1. Find the item you want in Collections search.

  2. Click on the Item inquiry button.

  3. Fill in the form, making sure you tell us:

    • the item name

    • its code – you can find this on its Collections search page

    • if you have special requirements, like file types other than PDF or printing.

  4. We'll be in touch to confirm your order and arrange payment.

Special requirements

You may need to pay extra if you have special requirements, like file types other than PDF or printing. We provide quotes for these services on a case-by-case basis.

Ask an archivist about digitisation costs

Reading room ordering

Ask at the staff desk for the Digitisation on demand form.


The cost of digitisation depends on:

  • the quality of image you need

  • how many pages make up your item

  • how complex your item is to digitise.

The table shows the costs of digitising standard and large-format items.

Non-standard items

Non-standard items include:

  • items over A0 in size

  • slides

  • photographic negatives

  • items in other non-standard formats.

The cost of digitising these items varies. If you want to get a non-standard item digitised, contact us to let us know:

  • the item title

  • the code

  • your requirements.

We'll price the item when you place your order, then email you the total cost and let you know how to pay.

Ask an archivist about digitising non-standard items

Order times

We usually get your items to you in 15 working days after we receive payment. Some archives are harder than others to digitise, like:

  • photographic negatives

  • items over A0 in size

  • items that need preservation work.

These items might take us longer than 15 working days to digitise. We'll contact you if this is the case.

How you'll receive your order

We'll send your items to you by email – you'll get a link to a site where you can download your item.

We'll also add the images to Collections search, so other researchers can use them.

Learn more about digitisation

Te Maeatanga have digitised hundreds of thousands of items – and our pace of work increases every month.

Watch our video to learn how we digitise archives of all shapes, sizes and formats

See some popular archives we've digitised so far