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Since our 26 March bulletin on Information management during COVID-19 we have received relatively few inquiries directly related to COVID-19 response. One issue raised is whether a tailored approach to disposal authorisation is required. We are working on that question, though our current view is that changes to existing general and agency-specific authorities are not required.

Archives New Zealand is aware that information management practitioners are making a strong contribution to response operations and dealing with rapid capability enhancements. You will therefore be aware of the new information management challenges; for example how working from home is affecting everyone’s workload, how technology is changing the environment in which we create and maintain our records, and the potential problems that will need to be addressed as we move out of Alert Level 4. 

The records which are being created now will be invaluable to the continuity and success of response measures over the coming months and in ensuring the transparency of the government’s actions.

Archives New Zealand would like to hear how you are meeting the challenges so we can share that information and develop an effective contribution of our own. Please respond on the NZ Records Listserv to spark conversation. However, if you prefer, you can send your responses directly to Archives New Zealand by using

We look forward to hearing from you.