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1. Introduction

This information will assist in the safe, well-packaged transport of your records to our archives. Please contact us in the early stages of your transfer process prior to listing and packaging.

2. Requirements for your office

Your organisation is responsible for arranging and coordinating the safe transport of your records to our archives. Only records approved for transfer by us and your organisation will be accepted. To ensure safe delivery your organisation must:

  • advise us at least two weeks prior to the physical transfer date. This will ensure that we have staff available for processing that day

  • have boxes arranged in sequential box order where appropriate

  • contact your assigned transfer archivist on the day to confirm the estimated time of arrival.

3. Requirements for you and your courier

Boxes must be handled and transported with care in order to protect the records. Both the public office and the transport company must ensure:

  • London boxes are stacked no more than three boxes high. Flat file boxes are stacked no more than six boxes high

  • boxes on pallets are securely shrink-wrapped with no overlaps. Do not stack pallets on top of pallets

  • secure conditions are maintained at all times. Loading should be especially closely supervised if conducted in an area with potential public access. To maintain security, transport the items directly from your organisation to our archives in one journey. Items should not be left unattended at dock-ways

  • packaged records are protected from the weather at all times

  • other freight items are not stowed on top of the transferred records.

You must ensure the transport company handles records appropriately. We will advise your organisation of any inappropriate handling. You will also be charged for archival repairs and box replacements if items are damaged during transfer.

4. Contact us

Please contact the appropriate Archives location for advice on specialist requirements for each office/repository.