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Our follow-up approach will track recommended improvement actions by public offices from the audit findings. After each audit, there is an expectation that the public office uses the prioritised recommendations from the audit report and the Chief Archivist’s audit letter to create an action plan for their organisation. We will work with the public office and monitor progress through the activities identified within their action plan. Follow up activity will be closed off after two years.

This approach will help us target advice, guidance and other activities to support public offices based on insights gained from the audits.

Activities and timeframe

1. Action plan

The audited public office develops an action plan to address the prioritised recommendations. A template will be provided by Archives NZ.

The action plan is due 6 months after an audit report is received by the public office.

2. Check-in one

Archives NZ will check-in with the public office to discuss progress.

This will happen 6 months after the action plan is received by Archives NZ.

3. Check-in two

Archives NZ will check-in with the public office and will close off the follow-up work.

This will happen 12 months after check-in two and two years after the end of the audit.

Please note: the follow-up work is based on the prioritised recommendations from the audit. However, most organisations will receive more than 20 recommendations in their audit report. These remaining recommendations should be addressed in a roadmap for information management improvement as prioritised by the public office.