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A disposal notification is posted once a recommendation for disposal actions has been made to a regulated agency by the Chief Archivist. You can view the appraisal report and disposal schedule attached to this recommendations, and make comments.

Only comments about the disposal recommendation will be assessed as part of this process. Examples of the type of information that impacts these recommendations are:

  • is there new information that you can provide affecting the disposal recommendations?

  • can you provide a new interpretation of existing information relating to the recommendations?

  • can you produce evidence that the appraisal did not give enough weight to existing information relating to the recommendations?

Additional information about the disposal authority can be provided by quoting the Appraisal ID number. To request more information please contact us .

To be notified when new intentions to dispose are posted, email us with the word ‘subscribe’.

Functional Disposal Authorities for all District Health Boards and NZ Health Partnerships Limited

Appraisal number


Appraisal type

Schedule transfer or destruction

General description

All DHBs were covered by the DHBs General Disposal Authority (GDA – DA262) since 2007, which was due for review in 2017. A working group was established consisting of the DHBs, the Ministry of Health and Archives New Zealand to review the disposal authority.

The primary objective of this review was to develop a new disposal authority for the DHBs that can be shared with other public offices that have the same or similar functions that do not have a disposal authority.

NZ Health Partnerships Limited expressed interest in obtaining disposal coverage by signing up to the FDAs because they identified that they have some similar functions that can be covered by the FDAs.

As a result, the DHBs GDA (DA262) was transformed into three Functional Disposal Authorities:

  • FDA1 Clinical Health Care, formerly referred to as Clinical records in DA262

  • FDA2 Health Administration, formerly referred to as Non-clinical records/Corporate records in DA262

  • FDA3 Population Health and Wellbeing, formerly referred to as Corporate records in DA262

Records covered

FDA1 Clinical Health Care

Patient information and records related to diagnostic and testing services.

FDA2 Health Administration

Health service complaints and incident management, health workforce management, pharmaceutical supply and administration, human tissue supply and management, sterilisation of medical equipment, service provisions for patients (e.g. food service), mortuary management, governance, audits, Māori stakeholder relationship management, programmes/project management, reviews and evaluations, risk management and quality management.

FDA3 Population Health and Wellbeing

Notification of diseases, ethics for research and clinical practice, research management, population and public health (e.g. infection prevention and control, public health surveillance), environmental health (e.g. air quality), and burial, cremations and cemeteries.

FDA1 Clinical Health Care (PDF, 445 KB)

FDA2 Health Administration (PDF, 554 KB)

FDA3 Population Health and Wellbeing (PDF, 504 KB)

FDA coverage request from NZ Health Partnerships Limited (PDF, 504 KB)

Public notice date

Mon, 21/09/2020 (All day)

Comment due date

Wed, 21/10/2020 (All day)

There is no Appraisal Report for this disposal

There is no Disposal Schedule for this disposal