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The way we live and work is rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of COVID-19. As we employ new ways of working it is important to ensure information continues to be managed effectively.

Effective information management continues to be key in ensuring good business practices now and into the future.

To ensure Government is transparent and accountable, particularly in such an unprecedented time, it is crucial that public offices and local government continue to create and maintain full and accurate records of their business. These core obligations under the Public Records Act 2005 remain as important as ever.

What to consider:

  • How is information communicated to and between staff?

  • Who is responsible for ensuring records and being created, maintained and stored safety?

  • How is responsibility for decision making documented and made accessible?

  • Is it easy to find this information?

  • How can your organisation ensure information management is supported, particularly when information management specialists may not be available?

  • Do you know what tools your staff are using to do their work? And which of these are currently outside of your existing information management system (i.e. trello, zoom, etc)

  • Do you know how you will maintain, control and secure this information they are creating?

  • Do you know where this information is being stored? I.e. is it a cloud-based platform?

  • Will you be able to capture this information in your existing information management system?

More information on your obligations under the Public Records Act 2005 and how to meet these obligations can be found on our website under the manage information category.

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Archives New Zealand is available to answer any questions around managing information and meeting your obligations as a public office you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact the team at