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The case books from Sunnyside and Seaview Hospitals (c.1870-c.1920) are now digitised and available to view online. Simply enter either Sunnyside case book or Seaview case book on Collections search.

The amount of detail recorded varies, but entries generally contain identifying information taken at admission and periodic reports on each patient’s condition. While the language and tone can be confronting by today’s standards, these books are an excellent source for medical, social and family history research.

Many of the books are self-indexed and the images are labelled with patient names. If you want to save time scrolling, write to our Christchurch office and request that the indexes are searched for you (a research fee may apply).

Case book showing admission of Herman Pernawar to Seaview March 1869
Seaview admission of Herman Pernawar March 1869
CH22/87 R18946510