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    Access decisions

    Guidance on deciding whether information and records are given open or restricted access classifications

    Appraisal of information and records

    The benefits your public sector organisation can get from appraising your information and records

    Appraisal process

    Guidance on running an appraisal process. Learn how to assess your organisation's business activities so you can decide how to manage your records over time

    Appraisal statement

    The Appraisal statement sets out the principles that public sector organisations must apply to assess the value of information and records

    Audiovisual storage

    Advice on the storage and handling of audiovisual material. This includes audio or video content on formats such as cassette, CD, DVD or VHS

    Audit schedule

    A searchable schedule showing when each public office will be audited as part of the audit of public office recordkeeping

    Authority to retain public records in electronic form only

    Public offices can replace the original versions of some physical records with digitised versions. Find out which records and what conditions you must meet

    Best practice guidance on digital storage and preservation

    Guidance on digital storage and digital preservation for public sector information managers

    COVID-19: Disposal authorisation for response records

    What to do with records created during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Care of motion picture film

    How to care for motion picture film. Learn how to identify different types of film, and how to store and handle them

    Case study: First end-to-end born digital transfer

    A case study of the first end-to-end digital transfer to our archives

    Checksums overview

    Learn when public sector organisations need to use checksums and how to use them

    Cloud services

    How to assess information management risks before your public sector organisation adopts cloud services

    Destruction of source information after digitisation

    Learn which public office and local authority records can be replaced with digitised versions and how to carry out the digitisation

    Digital transfer - Overview

    Find out how to work with us to initiate, plan, prepare and complete a digital transfer to Archives NZ

    Digital transfer initiation - Characteristics

    How to decide if your organisation is ready to carry out a digital transfer

    Digital transfer initiation - Preparation

    How your organisation can assess your files in preparation for digital transfer, including metadata, checksums and testing

    Disposal authorisation

    Getting authorisation to dispose of records, including types of disposal authorities, disposal actions and disposal of local authority protected records

    Disposal of information and records

    The benefits public sector organisations can get from authorised and regular disposal of information and records

    Disposal process

    Find out how your public office or local authority can run a disposal process in line with the Public Records Act

    Disposal sentencing

    Get guidance on sentencing, the process you follow to apply a disposal authority and carry out your disposal decisions

    Disposal statement

    The disposal statement sets out the principles that public sector organisations must apply when they carry out disposal

    Disposal transfer

    How public offices and local authorities carry out transfer as part of the disposal process, along with transfer due to administrative change

    Education and training providers

    Find out who offers education and training in information and records management, ranging from short courses to tertiary qualifications

    Effective information and records management

    How executive sponsors and information managers can design information and records management processes that achieve the outcomes you need

    Executive sponsor - Roles and responsibilities

    Under the Information and records management standard, public sector organisations must have an executive sponsor. Learn the responsibilities of the role

    File format migration

    When you might want to change the format of your digital files, and what to consider when carrying out a file format migration

    File formats for digital transfers

    Archives NZ accepts all file formats for digital transfers. Find out what we need to know about your files before this can happen

    General disposal authorities

    GDA7 (PDF 683KB) GDA7 (CSV 10.45 KB) GDA6 (PDF 969KB) GDA6 (CSV 65KB)

    General disposal authorities

    General disposal authorities are ongoing authorisations that apply to all public offices. Learn which classes of common records they cover and download the GDAs

    High value and high risk information and records

    How to identify, document and manage high risk high value records

    How to develop an OIA information search policy

    Find out how your organisation can meet their obligations under the Official Information Act 1982 when processing requests for government information.

    Implementation guide

    A guide to implementing the Information and records management standard for public sector organisations

    Information and records management capability

    Guidance to help executive sponsors assess how well your organisation is set up to implement the Information and records management standard

    Information and records management policy development

    How to develop an information and records management policy that shows your staff how to manage business information in line with your strategy

    Information and records management standard

    View the Information and records management standard, which all public sector organisations must follow under the Public Records Act

    Information and records management strategy

    Develop an information and records management strategy for your organisation, detailing what you’ll achieve, how you’ll achieve it and who is responsible

    Information assets - Identification and management

    How to identify and manage information assets. Get examples, a checklist and guidance on setting up a information asset register

    Information assets overview

    Learn what information assets are and the benefits you get from managing information as an asset

    Integrated information and records systems

    Find out how to integrate information and records management into your organisation’s business systems, processes and practices

    Key definitions

    Definitions of key terms used throughout our guidance

    Key obligations - Public Records Act 2005

    A summary of key obligations for public offices and local authorities under the Public Records Act, along with Archives NZ’s obligations under the Act

    List of protected records for local authorities

    Local authorities need prior approval to destroy protected records. Learn what classes of records are protected and how to manage these records

    List of protected records for local authorities - Notes

    How to identify and manage the different classes of local authority protected records

    Maintenance of public archives

    This instruction shows approved repositories of public archives how they must maintain and store the physical public archives they hold

    Managing information during COVID-19

    The way we live and work is rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of COVID-19. As we employ new ways of working it is important to ensure information continues to be managed effectively.

    Managing information during administrative change

    Guidance on managing information and records during administrative change, such as mergers or restructures

    Metadata for information and records

    An introduction to metadata for information and records, including why metadata is important and what different types there are

    Methods of destruction

    Guidance for public offices and local authorities on suitable methods of destruction for records you have authorisation to destroy

    Microsoft 365

    How to set up Microsoft 365 so that it complies with the Information and records management standard


    How public sector organisations need to monitor their records management, along with how Archives NZ monitors public sector recordkeeping

    Outsourcing business

    Information management guidance when outsourcing business, including setting up contracts when you engage outside suppliers, contractors or consultants

    Physical storage and preservation of protected information

    This instruction details how local authorities must store and preserve protected records

    Public access to information and records

    What public sector organisations must do to ensure public access to information and records

    Public offices subject to the PRA

    Find out which public offices must follow the Public Records Act

    Public sector archival selection statement

    View the principles that Archives NZ follows when deciding what records are selected as public archives

    Regulatory statement

    Archives NZ’s approach to our regulatory role, detailing how we work with public sector organisations to ensure compliance with the Public Records Act

    Requirements for metadata

    Metadata requirements under the Information and records management standard, including metadata for disposal

    Resources for community-based archivists

    Learn more about the assistance and guidance available to community-based archivists

    Storage of physical records

    Learn what is meant by physical records and how public sector organisations need to maintain and store them

    Taonga Tuku Iho

    Māori knowledge and information and Māori metadata

    Text messages and other communications

    Guidance on managing text messages and social media in line with the Public Records Act

    The importance of checksums

    Checksum tools, assessing how well your organisation is set up to use checksums and links to more resources

    Transfer process

    Guidance on the requirements and processes for transferring public records to Archives NZ, along with transfer during administrative change

    Transport of your transfer to Archives New Zealand

    Guidance on the packaging and transport of physical records that you’re transferring to Archives NZ