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Digitising records

Under the Authority to retain public records in electronic form only, public offices can replace the original versions of some physical records with digitised versions. Although this Authority doesn't apply to local authorities, they can also replace some physical records with digitised versions.

This means you need to know:

  • which records you can and cannot replace with digitised versions

  • the criteria and technical standards that digitised records need to meet before they can replace the originals.

You’ll find this in our digitisation guidance below. This guidance covers both public offices and local authorities.

You should follow the guidance for all records you digitise. You must follow the guidance if you want to replace the original records.

Digitisation guidance

Destruction of source information - replacing physical records with digitised versions

Digital storage and preservation

You’ll also need to plan how you’ll store and preserve your digitised records. Here is our best practice guidance on digital storage and preservation.