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The National Preservation Office Te Tari Tohu Taonga is part of the Alexander Turnbull Library’s Outreach Services. They offer advice and guidance on the preservation and storage of photographs and other material and disaster management for heritage materials. The office can also carry out assessments of your museum, archive or marae and provide advice on funding for conservation projects.

Te Papa National Services Te Paerangi works throughout Aotearoa New Zealand in partnership with iwi, galleries, museums, providing practical and strategic help to strengthen the sector.

The Toolkit for community archivists and Managing and Preserving Community Archives are guides aimed at informing those in the community who look after archives throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Some of the content is now out of date but the majority of the guidance remains sound. Both are available through the National Library of New Zealand.

Take a look at our Information Management Resources and Guides. While designed for the public sector, the principles of sound records management can be used as best practice guidance for private recordkeeping and archives management.

DigitalNZ is a search site for all things New Zealand. They connect people to reliable digital collection from over 200 content partners, including libraries, museums, galleries, government departments and community groups. Digital NZ have advice and guidance on a range of topics such as using the Digital NZ API and how to make your collections digital.

Associations and professional bodies

The Association of Records and Archives of New Zealand (ARANZ) is an incorporated society that promotes the importance of records and archives in New Zealand. The Society’s objectives include extensive support of the archival sector and their membership covers a wide variety of people interested in archival activities. It also lists consultant archivists available for archival projects.

Records and Information Management Professionals (RIMPA) is the only professional association for Records and Information Managers with branches across Australia and New Zealand and Malaysia. One of their main objectives is to co‐ordinate and co‐operate with the records and information and related professions, industry and the public to support, promote, protect and maintain a body of Records and Information Management Professionals.

Te Rōpū Whakahau (TRW) is the national body that represents Māori engaged in Culture, Knowledge, Information, Communication and Systems Technology in Aotearoa. TRW support practitioners and their organisations to empower whanau, hapū and iwi by providing development opportunities, indigenous and multicultural partnerships and championing best practice around services, cultural responsiveness and accountability within the profession.

The Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (PARBICA) is a professional organisation intent on promoting the effective management and use of records and archives across the Pacific and preserving the region's archival heritage. The PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit is freely available for download from PARBICA’s website. While designed for Pacific archivists, the underlying fundamentals are applicable to recordkeeping in any country or organisation.


Listservs are email-based tools used to communicate with those who are subscribed to a list. They provide opportunities to engage with others, request advice or contribute to discussions. A number of listservs are relevant to community-based archivists in New Zealand:

NZRecords is an open and un-moderated listserv intended for all those who have responsibility for, or an interest in, records management, archives and related disciplines in New Zealand. Subscribe to NZRecords.

The PARBICA listserv is a discussion forum on archives and records management issues across the Pacific, so please use it to share challenges and solutions, and keep Pacific colleagues informed of events of interest. You can post questions, items of interest, issues you would like to discuss, links to articles from local newspapers relating to records-type issues and so on. To subscribe, click here and follow the instructions.

The NZ-Libs listserv is for discussion of library and information services in New Zealand. This includes meetings and issues of general library or information management interest. Subscribe here.

Education and training

There are a number of archives management qualifications and training opportunities offered in New Zealand. Look at the options for study within New Zealand on our education and training providers page.